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we’re on a mission to bring 1m people into the jobs of the future

what we do

At Humaniaks we believe that technology is creating endless possibilities for a brighter future. We also believe that no one should be left behind in this new future.

We offer complete, robust and end-to-end training in today’s most in-demand skills, allowing for professionals to reskill, upskill and ultimately pursue sophisticated jobs they love.

As professionals and organizations are challenged to compete in an increasingly technological economy, we provide exclusive hands-on training programs to close the global skills gap and supports companies in recruiting, managing talent and preparing for the future.

Talent Sourcing & Recruitment

Hiring is currently the #1 growth bottleneck for most startups and scale-ups in post-investment or international expansion stages.

When talent is “all” you’re missing, you need speed, local knowledge and someone who is as committed as an in-house recruiter but as flexible and fast as an agency.

We act as recruitment partners who you can trust and support you in building the top performing team you need.

Talent Management as a Service

Adequate and proactive people management is crucial, independently of company size. Still can’t justify hiring a full-time HR manager?

We act as interim people and culture managers until you can hire a full-time person. We’ll work with you in delivering performance assessment, career plans, internal policies, benefits plan,  training, culture & happiness, conflict resolution and complete talent advisory.

Talent Spotting & Training

Given how hot the startup talent market is right now, it is complex to find the right person, available at the right time who will fit within your team’s culture.

Reskilling professionals is a smart and efficient method to hire the right team with the right skills. Although it’s not an immediate process, there is proof that it works in the mid-long term.

We identify the professionals, take care of admissions and execute training programs from end to end.

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