A dedicated partner to scaling your startup

Humaniaks is a highly operational talent advisory and recruitment startup - we'll support you in scaling your team successfully by recruiting, onboarding, training and developing your team.

Recruitment & Staffing

Talent is at the core of any company - the smaller and earlier stage you are, the more important it is. A high quality and high performing team is the make-or-break factor. We run full-cycle recruitment and deliver great talent to you with low risk and low bureaucracy.

People Management as a Service

We become the HR Director you still don't have. We act as a Talent & Culture in-house advisor and take point on all people driven initiaves that drive organizational performance leveraging your biggest asset: the team.

Onboarding by Training

A great onboarding process is how you prepare your team for success. We will be providing world-class training programs for key roles in startups so that you can focus on getting your talent and business to the next level, not focus on developing the basics. 

We support great teams

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