People Management as a Service

Don't have a full-time HR Director but have full-time people management to deal with?

We work closely with pre-series-A startups, small teams in growth mode and established SMEs who can't justify a full-time HR Director in their P&L but need a professional approach to People Management.

We become your Talent & Culture in-house advisor and take point on all people driven initiaves that drive organizational performance leveraging your biggest asset: the team.

What to expect?

  • Part of the team

    We get a company email, slack, drive (or whatever tools you use) and participate in townhalls and company activities. 

    We're always on for your team. 

  • Plug & Play

    As soon as we kick the engagement off, we're good to go. We'll drive the process of understanding exactly how to deliver value to you and your company. 

  • Flexible & Agile

    Perhaps you need more effort to start with, to design and establish processes. Perhaps you will have growing needs. Perhaps there's only one challenge you need addressed.

  • Value for money

    You can get a combination of seniority and workload without the overhead. You'll get enough hours of our energy to feel like you have someone full-time working alongside your team. 

We take care of strategic people processes that drive value

  • 1

    Culture & Engagement

    We support you in aligning values, expected behaviours, build team environment and performance, deliver engagement survey, analysis and action plans and design effective internal communication strategies to support your goals.

  • 2

    Perks, Benefits and People Policies

    We support you in designing, implementing and managing a consistent set of Company Policies that align with business strategy, budget, employees' needs and positioning. 

  • 3

    Performance & Feedback

    We support you in establishing robust people management practices and creating a context for continuous improvement and development by promoting feedback flows and structured assessment

  • 4

    Leadership Support

    All decisions impact your team and employees and you want to make sure someone is taking accountability for antecipating those impacts influencing execution with that in mind. 

  • 5

    Talent Acquisition & Onboarding

    We support you in addressing Employer Branding, understanding and organizing talent needs, designing a robust but efficient recruitment process, training interviewers, outsourcing recruiters (or doing it ourselves) and running a world-class onboarding flow to ensure all new employees are prepared for success. 

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