Talent is at the core of any company - the smaller and earlier stage you are, the more important it is. A high quality and high performing team is the make-or-break factor. 

Long story short: We deliver great talent to you.

  • Flexible pricing

    to fit your needs and stage. We can work on a success fee only or a hybrid pricing

  • no bureaucracy

    simple terms & conditions, start sourcing from day 1. No Bullshit

  • More than sourcing

    we provide insights, salary information and advice on setting everything up

  • we don't sell pens

    we deliver the right candidate to the right company. Not one-size-fits-all

  • hands-on support

    if you need assessment, interviewer training, scorecards - we got you covered

  • easy communication

    we adapt to what is easier for you - Email, ATS, WhatsApp, Slack, etc

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